A breakthrough in SARS-CoV-2 personal protection

Nanowave Air in the News

Carnegie Mellon University Alumnus Creates “Dynamic” COVID Solution – 1/25/2021

St. Clair Installs Groundbreaking Nanowave Air™ – 12/28/2020

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Nanowave Air Inactivates The Pathogens That Cause the Common Cold, Staph Infection, Influenza, and Tuberculosis – 12/3/2020

Device that combines air circulation with UV-C light deployed in first U.S. homes to help decrease COVID-19 risk – TechCrunch – 11/18/2020

Dynamics Inc. creates Nanowave Air, a device that kills airborne Covid with UV light – Next Pittsburgh – 11/16/2020

Dynamics Inc. introduces product to inactivate Covid-19 in the air – Pittsburgh Business Times – 11/11/2020

Cheswick company launches retail air purifier meant to kill COVID-19 virus – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 11/11/2020

Nanowave Air, developed in Cheswick, said to inactivate 99% of COVID-19 in the air – WTAE – 11/10/2020

Researchers hope lightweight machine made in Cheswick can help fight COVID-19 – WPXI – 11/10/2020

Coronavirus ‘killing device’ destroys the virus by sucking in germs and zapping them with UV light – Bon News Haiti – 11/10/2020

Dynamics’ Nanowave Air zaps the coronavirus with UV light – VentureBeat – 11/10/2020

Dynamics Announces Major Breakthrough In The Fight Against COVID-19 – 11/10/2020